If you are, you’ve most likely noticed the benefits of sleeping better, feeling more alert and grounded (less anxious), a lot less pain and inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and improved digestion.

But how is this possible?? The secret lies in something called the “Endocannabinoid System”. This is a series of receptors located throughout the body that regulate our internal processes. So the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is essentially controlling homeostasis – our body’s ability to react to its internal and external environment properly. Now, of course our body makes substances that bind to these ECS receptors (certain fats called anandamides), but there are many things that can affect this system in a negative way.

Every time we experience stress, any type of stress, we are breaking down these wonderful fats so they can’t bind to those receptors. When those receptors are empty, we experience more anxiety, pain, and a variety of other issues. It is safe to say that researchers have found cannabinoid receptors in every bodily tissue! They are in the endocrine system affecting our hormones, in our immune system and our digestive tract, and in the reproductive tissues.

So how can you make sure these receptors are being activated so that your body functions the way it should? You can take cannabinoids in food or supplemental form! Hemp contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids plus bioflavanoids, terpenes, D-Limonene and D-Linalool. These are some of the compounds that make essential oils so useful as well!! People have been using hemp oil for its benefits since 6000 BC. It has the exact ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats that our body needs. One of the best ways to activate the endocannabinoid system and experience better sleep, focus, and contentment while decreasing pain and inflammation is by ingesting pure organic hemp oil with concentrated extract of the whole hemp plant. That way you are sure to get all of the benefits the plant has to offer!

Hemp oil and CBD extract are legal in every state. The benefits of CBD are so numerous that I had a 90 minute class in my functional medicine training about the endocannabinoid system. I am seeing some amazing testimonials from my patients and others using CBD oil: fewer headaches and less dependence on migraine meds, digestive regulation, better sleep at night and better focus during the day, and almost everyone has noticed less anxiety! If this is something you’d like to explore for yourself, you can check out the one I prefer here, or schedule a time to discuss whether you can benefit from CBD oil.