With 20 years as an intuitive healer, having mastered techniques in chiropractic, nutrition, and neurological balance, Dr. Wakefield specializes in helping her clients achieve ever-increasing levels of wellness. She addresses hormone balance, digestive function, proper detoxification, and vitamin/mineral balance in order to bring her client’s full attention to total mind, body, and spirit health. Christine has been a source of relief, comfort, and progressive healing for two decades. She works with her clients to attain and maintain the delicate balance between emotional and physical health, and much of this work is accomplished through her keen understanding of the function of neurotransmitters. In effect, she teaches her clients to “retrain” their brains.

The healing process is not a singular one, and the work of a healer is not to heal others but rather to help others heal themselves. Dr. Wakefield’s entire practice is community-based. She relies on her clients to join with her to make lifestyle adjustments and recalibrate their energetic systems in order to move forward. Christine is also humble in the knowledge that other experts may be essential to her client’s healing process. She has created an active network of medical professionals and other intuitive healers with their own strengths to whom she refers clients when necessary. The bottom line for Dr. Wakefield is that her clients meet their health and healing goals and in supportive and encouraging environments. 

Dr. Wakefield received her bachelor’s degree (BS) in Zoology from South Dakota State University followed by a degree in Chiropractic Medicine (DC) from Northwestern Health Sciences University (Bloomington, MN). She has continued her education and expanded her practice by becoming an Elite Diplomate in the B.E.ST. (BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique) training through Morter Health Systems starting in 2012. Her most recent professional advancement has been becoming a Certified  Functional Medicine Practitioner through Functional Medicine University.


Licenses/Certifications and Education:

  • Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic: South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner: Functional Medicine University
  • Elite Diplomate in B.E.S.T. (BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique) – Morter Health Systems
  • Northwestern Health Sciences University, Doctorate degree in Chiropractic
  • South Dakota State University, Bachelors of Science, Zoology

Professional Affiliations:

  • Sioux Empire Chiropractic Society
  • South Dakota Chiropractors Association
  • Institute for Functional Medicine
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Thyroid, Adrenals, Ovaries, Testes, Pituitary, Pineal, Hypothalamus, Thymus, Pancreas and the communication system between them.

An uncontrolled immune response to our own body. Addressing the triggers or breakdown in communication can be more effective than suppressing the immune system itself.

Our digestion affects every other process in our body. Making sure all of the digestive functions work properly is many times the first step in achieving wellness.

Looking at the communication between the glands and supporting the glands that aren’t functioning properly can have profound effects on female health and fertility.

Thyroid health is not just about the thyroid gland. It’s the entire feedback loop and the conversion of hormones in the digestive tract. It’s important to know where the breakdown occurs and to support the body in the specific way that will get you the best results.

Mood changes can be caused by innumerable functional issues. They can stem from the brain itself, production of neurotransmitters, digestive issues or energy production, just to name a few. Getting to the root of the problem is achievable.

Energy is produced in the cells through a long chain of biochemical processes. Addressing it involves the raw materials we’re eating, the nervous system balance, hormones, and cellular health in general.